Dash: snippets & documentation

Dash logo

I’ve been using Dash as one of my code snippet managers (along with Gist for public snippets & Coda). I originally chose Dash for its shortcut auto-fill features (and it’s free with in-app upgrade on the Mac App Store!), but have recently found its offline documentation completely excellent. I primarily use the WordPress and PHP […]

Google Maps for iPhone: woooot!

Google Maps

The official Google Maps for iPhone came out today! I’m pretty excited. Apple maps wasn’t so bad, if you live in California and possibly inner-city China. I thought the design of Apple Maps was pretty great, I liked the layout of the directions and how you could swipe across to see the next step of […]

Photogene2 for iPhone

Photogene2 splash page

This is a truly underrated app! Okay, maybe not literally since it has an average of 4.5/5 stars on the app store and most reviews are 5 stars. However it seems like no one in the tech podcasts that I listen to ever mention it, but they mention Snapseed often… Snapseed is cute, but I […]

Free iPhone apps to ‘view source’


This weekend, while I was out all day, I found myself wanting to respond to questions on my blog and for one of those I needed to check out the source code of the questioner’s website. The ability to view the source code of a web page is easy from your desktop computer, but it’s […]

Edit EPS files in Inkscape on Mac

EPS files have their uses, for sure, but they seem to be a standard output of Adobe Illustrator, which is a bit sad, because Inkscape (the open source vector editor I use) can’t open them (without some hassle with ghostscripts or something). Recently I needed to change the colour of an EPS image and I […]