Dash: snippets & documentation

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I've been using Dash as one of my code snippet managers (along with Gist for public snippets & Coda). I originally chose Dash for its shortcut auto-fill features (and it's free with in-app upgrade on the Mac App Store!), but have recently found its offline documentation completely excellent. I primarily use the WordPress and PHP docs, but some others have come in handy too. I like to take my laptop down to the cafĂ© to work and I'm not always connected to the net when I work down there, so the … [Read more...]

Google Maps for iPhone: woooot!

Google Maps

The official Google Maps for iPhone came out today! I'm pretty excited. Apple maps wasn't so bad, if you live in California and possibly inner-city China. I thought the design of Apple Maps was pretty great, I liked the layout of the directions and how you could swipe across to see the next step of your journey. The only problem with it in Australia was that you couldn't see major landmarks until you zoomed in pretty much as far as it goes... and you couldn't search for business names or … [Read more...]

Photogene2 for iPhone

Photogene2 splash page

This is a truly underrated app! Okay, maybe not literally since it has an average of 4.5/5 stars on the app store and most reviews are 5 stars. However it seems like no one in the tech podcasts that I listen to ever mention it, but they mention Snapseed often... Snapseed is cute, but I think Photogene2 is far superior! Why is Photogene2 so awesome? … [Read more...]

Free iPhone apps to ‘view source’


This weekend, while I was out all day, I found myself wanting to respond to questions on my blog and for one of those I needed to check out the source code of the questioner's website. The ability to view the source code of a web page is easy from your desktop computer, but it's not built into mobile safari. Searching for how to do it brought up a few options: A bit of a view source round up at iphoneized which led me to Shaun Inman's bookmarklet tool --- this one is pretty nice … [Read more...]

Edit EPS files in Inkscape on Mac

EPS files have their uses, for sure, but they seem to be a standard output of Adobe Illustrator, which is a bit sad, because Inkscape (the open source vector editor I use) can't open them (without some hassle with ghostscripts or something). Recently I needed to change the colour of an EPS image and I didn't want to do a hack job by just filling a new colour over a bitmap versions. I did a quick search for converting EPS files and saw several references to PDF and opening the PDF in Inkscape. … [Read more...]

WordPress and the GNU General Public License

Recent GNU GPL issues During WordCamp Australia, as I mentioned in my post, one of my questions instigated a discussion about the GNU GPL and how themes relate to the WordPress license. In the last couple of weeks since WordCamp there has been a bit of chatter on Twitter about it. Jeff Waugh agreed to write a post about it, still hoping to read that since (I think) he has a lot of experience with GNU licensing through the Linux community. WordPress.org removed non-GPL themes (or themes that … [Read more...]

Writing a thesis in LaTeX

LaTeX is a document markup system, which helps you to focus on what you're writing and reduces some of the hassle of tedious tasks like adding references and numbering sections, figures and tables. It also natively handles footnotes, table of contents, lists of figures, lists of tables, headers, footers, margin notes and probably a hundred other things. It lays documents out intelligently, for readability, and you can apply any number of styles to suit your document, be it book, journal article, … [Read more...]