Friday visits and expressions


I can’t believe Saturday is almost over! Nan update On Friday Gran, Mum and I visited Nan (the grandma I mentioned before, who has cancer). I think we were expecting her to be awake, not feeling so great, possibly in bed, but capable of getting up and around. It was quite a shock when we […]

Nearly the end

There once was a girl, when asked to look back at the year, she cried. Last night at bible study we individually shared our thoughts of the year passed and the one to come. I dreaded sharing mine, it made me sad and I didn’t want everyone else to be sad, I looked back and […]

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I’m sorry. I feel a little neglectful of you. Yes, I posted yesterday, but it was in a rushed manner. Things are busy at the moment. I hope you’ll forgive me. We’ll spend some quality time together soon. In the meantime, this haiku is for you: Oh, my lovely blog, You look and […]

Identity crisis

Gay, his feeling trend. The dinosaur lifts his head, Is this who I am? There is a gay dinosaur competition of at Mystickal Incense Blog. It’s a bit of fun so I thought I’d enter. Hope you like my entry that is above. I think that it speaks to many people as the dinosaur could […]