Friday visits and expressions


I can't believe Saturday is almost over! Nan update On Friday Gran, Mum and I visited Nan (the grandma I mentioned before, who has cancer). I think we were expecting her to be awake, not feeling so great, possibly in bed, but capable of getting up and around. It was quite a shock when we found her sprawled out in bed, repeating "I don't want anything" (I don't think she knew it was us at that point), with barely enough energy to open her eyes. … [Read more...]

Nearly the end

There once was a girl, when asked to look back at the year, she cried. Last night at bible study we individually shared our thoughts of the year passed and the one to come. I dreaded sharing mine, it made me sad and I didn't want everyone else to be sad, I looked back and saw that I'd been sick and when I got better I didn't achieve any of the things I'd wanted to. There were some good things but they weren't necessarily nice good things. I think I learned more and I grew up a bit, I think … [Read more...]

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I'm sorry. I feel a little neglectful of you. Yes, I posted yesterday, but it was in a rushed manner. Things are busy at the moment. I hope you'll forgive me. We'll spend some quality time together soon. In the meantime, this haiku is for you: Oh, my lovely blog, You look and listen so well. May we remain friends. Dear Everyone Else, Thanks for your birthday wishes. They were appreciated. I had a good day. Today paled in comparison. I want a holiday! Thankfully … [Read more...]

Identity crisis

Gay, his feeling trend. The dinosaur lifts his head, Is this who I am? There is a gay dinosaur competition of at Mystickal Incense Blog. It's a bit of fun so I thought I'd enter. Hope you like my entry that is above. I think that it speaks to many people as the dinosaur could be a metaphor for the vegetarian or the savage beast or the large boned part in all of us. Just as gay could be a metaphor for any confusing feelings that we have... Or not! … [Read more...]

Haiku for City Rail

Oh, how I hate trains! Unreliable machines, great incompetence. I've been late everyday this week. I know it sounds like I should catch an earlier train but I really shouldn't need to. I'm already shattered from sleepiness and it is. The train that I catch should make it on time and has done before. Last year I used to catch a train 10 or 15 minutes later and get to uni 10 minutes earlier than I do these days. This morning, my inspiration for haiku, the train was a few minutes late to my home … [Read more...]