What’s all this then?

Progress poster

You might have noticed that things look a little different, and maybe a bit raw around here. I have decided to strip things back and build up from almost scratch, in real time. Yep! I’m going to make my changes and experiment right on my site for the world to see. Why? Actually I’m not […]

Depression with a side of anxiety

That’s me! Well, it’s not “me”; I’m not defined by depression, but it is a significant part of me that I have to manage the best way that I can. What’s there to be depressed about? I can’t decide if this is a fair question, or one that shows a complete ignorance of mental health […]

Update your WordPress username!

After Dion’s message at WordCamp Sydney last year, “Update your bloody WordPress!”, comes this new-ish message update your bloody WordPress admin username. It’s not really a new message, it’s just that it probably hasn’t been as dangerous to have a username of “admin” as it is now. Many hosts and news outlets are reporting widespread […]

You can’t take your organs with you

When I got my driver licence there was no question in my mind that I’d be happy to give any of my organs for donation in the event of my death — you can sign up for the NSW organ donor register when you apply for a licence, or specify which organs you would be […]

Google Maps for iPhone: woooot!

Google Maps

The official Google Maps for iPhone came out today! I’m pretty excited. Apple maps wasn’t so bad, if you live in California and possibly inner-city China. I thought the design of Apple Maps was pretty great, I liked the layout of the directions and how you could swipe across to see the next step of […]