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That WordPress is so hot right now!

I've spent a bit of time on my websites over the last few weeks. It was partly instigated by my deleting some themes on my server that I thought weren't in use, but actually were! :O Of course I had backups, but when I restored them they didn't work immediately, and rather than fluff about I decided to just change things up.My SitesI've got a … [Read more...]

Dash: snippets & documentation

Dash logo

I've been using Dash as one of my code snippet managers (along with Gist for public snippets & Coda). I originally chose Dash for its shortcut auto-fill features (and it's free with in-app upgrade on the Mac App Store!), but have recently found its offline documentation completely excellent.I primarily use the WordPress and PHP docs, but some … [Read more...]

WordPress Taxonomy Converter

Importer page to copy or convert terms from one taxonomy to another

Recently I went looking for a way to copy or move tags to a new taxonomy. I was a bit surprised that I couldn't find anything. There's no WordPress function that just does it, and the few taxonomy management plugins I found either haven't been updated in years, or didn't seem to work (at least not to do what I needed).I've used the WordPress … [Read more...]