Delicious Muesli & Porridge

bowl or bircher muesli with extra fruit on top and stirred in

A few months ago I started making a sort of bircher muesli. I would grate apple into oats, put in a dash of water and mix it with yoghurt and any other goodies I wanted in there. It was good eaten right away, or you could leave it overnight and the oats would be softer, […]

My Favourite: Salvage Specialty Coffee

wooden and metal shop sign

I adore Salvage Specialty Coffee! It’s my favourite place to drink coffee, eat breakfast, eat lunch, read, catch up with friends, and meet new friends and their dogs… and drink more coffee. I could barely contain my excitement last year when Dan Yee told me that he and a couple of friends were opening up […]

Outlining some :focus

I’ve been working with Gravity Forms A LOT lately and I’ve found that the default form CSS applies outline: 0; and outline-style: none; on form elements in focus. This is bad. For people that are accustomed to navigating forms via their keyboard it is extremely confusing to have nothing happen when you navigate to a […]

bbPress Forum Icons

forum list with icons

It surprised me how long it took me to find anything about adding icons to bbPress forums! It wasn’t until it occurred to me that a useful way to implement them would be to use WordPress featured images and searched for forum featured images that I made some progress. In the end it is really […]