Floats & Inline-block

Should You Use Inline-Blocks As A Substitute For Floats?What a great article! One interesting point that I had not noticed when using inline-block:inline-blocks pick up html whitespace. If you have several inline-block elements each on a new line in your html they’ll display with a horizontal space between them. Floated elements will sit … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Matt, Sydney

Matt Mullenweg

Last night we listened to Matt Mullenweg talk about the past and the future of WordPress.Matt was in Sydney for WordCamp Australia 2008 and that was well cool; although at the time I found Jen Mylo's talk on user testing for the dashboard redesign one of the most interesting and memorable talks that weekend. Last night was a fantastic … [Read more...]

WordPress Security

WordPress Security Best Practices infographic

At the WordPress Sydney meetup a few months ago we had an evening (two even!) on security. Wil Brown gave an excellent presentation on general WordPress best practices, as well as useful security plugins, and even more practices for the extra paranoid. Check out the WordPress security presentation on Slideshare.Since then Wil has also released … [Read more...]