Dash: snippets & documentation

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I’ve been using Dash as one of my code snippet managers (along with Gist for public snippets & Coda). I originally chose Dash for its shortcut auto-fill features (and it’s free with in-app upgrade on the Mac App Store!), but have recently found its offline documentation completely excellent. I primarily use the WordPress and PHP […]

Edit EPS files in Inkscape on Mac

EPS files have their uses, for sure, but they seem to be a standard output of Adobe Illustrator, which is a bit sad, because Inkscape (the open source vector editor I use) can’t open them (without some hassle with ghostscripts or something). Recently I needed to change the colour of an EPS image and I […]

Thumbs up for easy installs


After almost two years of heavy daily use, my poor little MacBook was getting a bit worn out and doing some crazy things. So about a month ago I reinstalled OS X. I backed up all my files and just wiped the whole computer.

Mac shortcuts for n00bs

Print Menu

Print Selections I felt like such a noob yesterday when I complained that Macs can’t “print from selection” like you can on Windows. It’s probably the only thing I’ve wanted to do that I knew about in Windows and couldn’t do with my Mac. My husband said it depends which program you’re in. I said, […]

WordPress using Coda and MAMP

Venturing into the world of Coda A few things brought me to test out Coda. When I first heard about Coda I didn’t look too closely because of the price tag, but after Esben’s comment on my Smultron post, I downloaded the trial. Soon after I started testing it I realised that it’s not really […]