Summertime: my very short film

I made a small film using Inkscape and iMovie last week. The only method I could find to share it was YouTube, which seems to have reduced the size and quality. All the same, here it is:

Can’t beat the Beeston!

Quick! Today only, Tuesday 10 July, Richard Beeston CDs are only $10! Rich is an Australian Christian musician. He just returned from a UK tour, he did a tour in the US last year, and being such a lovely guy he played at the weddings of our good friends. :grin: Check out the Richard Beeston […]

Speed up an mp3

While studying for exams I’ve found it really useful to listen to the recordings that are made of our university lectures. They make the lectures available to download as mp3s for students enrolled in the course. Very handy, especially for the lectures I wasn’t able to get to; it’s quite difficult to learn anything if […]


“A man walks down the street He says why am I soft in the middle now Why am I soft in the middle The rest of my life is so hard” -You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon How good are those lyrics for the first phrase of a song? I love ‘em. :P […]