I just watched the episode of Alias in season two where Vaughn gets sick and Sydney sets Sloane up to be murdered by Sark so that Sark will give her the antidote to Vaughn's disease. There's a great song at the end by Sheryl Crow called I Shall Believe. I always think "Aww, I want that song." when I watch that episode. So I looked it up on iTunes (not that I can buy it because they only take credit card or even if you have an iTunes card they need a credit card to activate the account). It … [Read more...]

Something to read

Found some interesting things that may be very boring to some but I thought I'd share them anyway. Thoughts On Music ESV Bible RSS Feeds Uninspiring Vista - I thought this article was kind of funny, from an ex-die-hard-Windows-fan. I think many of the bugs described in the article are fixed, but Jun from work says Vista still sucks RAM like there's no tomorrow - actually he would never say that, those are my words, but he said the memory gets used up quickly. … [Read more...]

iPod alzheimers

Losing Memory I had some frustration with my iPod nano this week. I have been using it on Linux with Rhythmbox, which I find quite good for organising and playng my music, but it doesn't have great iPod support. It can copy files to the iPod and it pretends to be able to delete them, but it just send them to a trash folder on the iPod so that the files are still using up memory, much like on a Mac except "empty trash" doesn't work in this situation. So I have been manually deleting the files … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen #38

Thirteen albums (or part thereof) on my iPod nano.I really want to make an iPod TT header but I'm at work so I can't. 1. Jars of Clay by Jars of Clay - I've loved this album for ages but I haven't listened to it much in recent times. I bought it for a secret santa present for Yvonne (wasn't much of a secret since obviously no one but me in lab would buy that) and I heard her listening to it yesterday so I decided to pop it on my iPod last night. I just love Worlds Apart, one of my all time … [Read more...]

Music and other things

My little brother was asking if you turn off the search suggestions in Firefox's Google Search Bar. I was looking through the about:config to see whether you could change it and what you change it to. Then I just right-clicked the search bar and discovered the option to show suggestions right there. Duh! xP I popped into JB Hifi yesterday to get a Christmas present for my Grandma and ended up getting a couple for myself. Not Christmas presents I guess but just CDs. Maybe I shouldn't buy … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen #36

Thirteen of my all time favourite songs. 1. Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay - when I first heard it I had the words "Did you really have to die for me?" ringing in my head, eventually I bought the CD and I just love the song. I used the lyrics as texture in the background of my year 11 artwork. 2. The Very Thought of You by Billie Holiday (obviously also sung by others over the years) - I first heard this song on the movie Forever Young, I thought it was great and scoured CD stores for it. My … [Read more...]

Grip it

I gave up on Sound Juicer. Despite it's funky logo and the ease and accuracy with which it detected the CD information, I eventually got it to rip songs so that Rhythmbox could import them but the files didn't have the ID3 data (title, artist etc). So I used Grip. Grip is highly customisable and it works well. It was slower than Sound Juicer but no one really rips CDs when they're in a hurry anyway. Like most ripping software, Grip only has one entry for the artist of the album so it's a bit of … [Read more...]

HazarHazoo moment

I bought a couple of CDs today, Recurring Dream: The Best of Crowded House and She Will Have Her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn. I was hoping to get the 2 disc set of She Will Have Her Way because it has the female artists singing the Finns' songs on the first dsc and then the original Tim Finn/Crowded House songs on the second album. Alas, that 2 disc set has been baleeted. On the up side though, the two CDs that I bought were reduced to $8.99 each and of the nineteen songs on the Crowded … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen #20

Woops! Was so busy last Thursday that I missed TT all together! I'm not going to do two this week to catch up, I shall just hold my head up and carry on ;) Thirteen favourite music moments from Buffy I only got up to season four last time I did this one so I'll do the rest of the series. 1. I Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Melanie Doane - Tara and Willow dance after the scoobies stick up against Tara's family trying to take her to their home (claiming she's a demon). 2. … [Read more...]


Dinner last night was a success. The roast vegetable lasagne was good and I managed to fit most of it in the dish, only a small bit of the ricotta sauce dripped over the side. I didn't end up making a cake. Instead I made chocolate fudge puddings in individual cups. It was yummy! They looked really funky in the cups too. They were coffee mugs given to us around wedding time but we hadn't opened the packet yet. It's amazing that with all that we got no one gave me ramekins! It seems that these … [Read more...]