Leather wrist cuffs

Leather wrist cuff

I have an old belt that was very worn around the holes and seemed to be on the verge of tearing. I was going to throw it out, but it seemed such a shame to waste the rest of it, which is quite nice. I realised I could make wrist cuffs out of it!

I found a tutorial at The Project Spot, which gave me the idea for the snap fasteners and reassured me that they weren’t too difficult to use. It took me a while to find the snaps at the shops: there’s a dearth of craft shops around here, but I found some good ones at a fabric shop and away I went!

Here’s the result!

The belt has a nice pattern on it that you can’t see in the photo from my iPhone, but it’s there. As you can see, I added some rivets to the second one, for a bit more flare.