Pittwater Sailing

In July there was a long weekend, and hubby and I got to go away with his friends from work and their partners. We rented a catamaran on which we ate, drank, slept, played games and sailed a bit too. While we were out there was quite a bit of rain, so the charter company gave us a couple of free days on the boat, so we’re going out again this weekend!

Here’s some photos from last time…


  1. Wendy says

    Kristarella, these photos are beautiful! I often visit your site for Thesis tutorials. and am struck at how gorgeous your photography is.

    Thank you!

  2. says

    The web work is very good too.

    Are the photos in this post being displayed using a third party plug-in or is it some custom development of yours. I would very much like to implement this approach on rwokleaders.com.

  3. says

    hey Kristen

    how are you doing, how was the excursion?

    You aligned your photos in one line. How did you do it?
    I tried using this code:

    but they are aligned vertically. How to have them in one line, and three photos?
    thank you


  4. says

    Martyna — I’m using the WordPress gallery shortcode: you upload images to the post and then press the insert gallery button in the popup media dialogue. It aligns them automatically.

  5. says

    From the prettyPhoto Forum comment thread, the WordPress plugin appears to be at least two versions behind what you are using and doesn’t appear to be that compatible with the current generation of WordPress. I’ve installed a local copy of my site using BitNami and will start playing with prettyPhoto along with NextGen Gallery and whatever else I can find.

    I still like what you’ve implemented with prettyPhoto the best. To bad, its not a WordPress plug-in.

  6. says

    Do you happen to have a tutorial laying around anywhere that you could publish on how you implemented prettyPhoto ??

  7. says

    hey Kristen

    thank you, I will do it and see how it works. There will probably be more technical changes, as it is for a product page, with three columns ( three descriptions and photos).
    very exciting


    • says

      Martyna — you can add captions etc in the media popup, which can show in the gallery, and you can specify as many thumbnail columns as you need.

  8. says

    Kristen, done.
    thanks for pointing me out to the WordPress gallery.
    I am tinkering with one thing- to link those photos to the specific pages.
    It looks like the WP gallery works really well for the blog posts, where the photo-related tasks are not complicated.

  9. Wendy says

    Hello all. Back in August, I was alerted by my host that a couple of my sites had the Tim Thumb vulnerability (see Matt’s post about it: http://ma.tt/2011/08/the-timthumb-saga/) and I traced it down to a theme (Dandelion theme) that was also utilizing PrettyPhoto. A quick look at the PrettyPhoto website has turned up nothing about it for me. Can anyone tell me if the timthumb.php file is a part of PrettyPhoto and if it is, has it been updated to a later, safe version?

  10. says

    Looks like your posting of a few pictures has evolved (or degenerated) into a discussion on how to post pictures to a WordPress based site using jQuery.

    I would be interested in knowing why you chose prettyPhoto over the other options that are available. In my search, I found the following which may now be a little dated, but it appears that some of the authors of the packages are posting updates to the analysis in the comments thread.


    Thesis is my primary tool of choice for working with WordPress. Do you know if any of these script packages are more or less compatible with Thesis??

  11. says

    Tom — I chose prettyPhoto because it uses jQuery. I am more experienced with jQuery than other javascript libraries, and I find that sometimes having plugins that use different libraries on one site can cause confilcts, so I try to stick with one. Also I found it simple to use and attractive.

    I have found that ShadowboxJS usually works with Thesis without issue. I think I have had trouble with the original lightbox plugins and Thesis before.

  12. says

    You must have recently updated to the latest version of WordPress, because your Lightbox plugin isn’t working. (I’m using ShadowboxJS as well) I just did the same on one of my Thesis installations, and am having the same issue. Looking for a solution now.

  13. says

    Jason — I have updated to the latest version of WordPress, but I’m not using Shadowbox JS, and my lightbox isn’t working because of some server configuration messing with my caching plugin. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

  14. says

    That might be why it stopped working on my install; changing to the wp-jquery-lightbox plugin worked for me.
    Happy to point it out for you, your tutorials have been helpful in the past!