7 odd or interesting things about me

Well, I was tagged by Lisa Firke to do the 7 things meme… again. Yes, I’ve done this one in 2007, in 2008 and also an eighth fact in there too. However, since I like Lisa, I haven’t posted for a week or so and I don’t want to force feed you too much PHP and CSS, I’ll do another one for 2009. I’ll also try not to repeat anything from the other ones, nor from my 100 things.

  1. I really love the movie Stardust. I’m not quite sure what it is about it — perhaps the unique setting, or the genius of Robert De Niro — but I could watch that thing over and over.
  2. I have really annoying dermatitis where my engagement and wedding rings should be. It’s usually fine in winter, but in summer, when my fingers are more swollen and sweaty, I can only wear my rings about once every seven days.
  3. I like playing backgammon. I used to beat my husband all the time (after he taught me to play), but someone at his work has been teaching him how to play and now I win slightly less than half the time. Backgammon on the iPod Touch is not much fun because the computer’s tactics suck.
  4. I seem to need a mostly black desktop wallpaper. Anything too lightly coloured makes me uneasy.
  5. I bought Bionic Woman the complete series on DVD. Little did I know that the complete series was 8 episodes because it paused for the writers strike and then got axed! Kind of a bummer: it wasn’t the greatest show, but I definitely enjoyed it.
  6. I’ve never had any desire to do a 9–5 job and there was no profession that really excited me… Now here I am, working from home, doing website customisations for you guys. Rockin’.
  7. I have mp3s of all the songs ever on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (well, I think I have all of them, might be missing some). That show was awesome for music.


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    Stardust is a good movie, I agree. My girlfriend and I had a laugh in the cinema, because there was a mother and daughter sitting close-by who kept making involuntary amusing noises (we’re so childish).

    De Niro’s a great actor. Some of my other favs include Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, and Christian Bale (I’ll never forget that business card scene in American Psycho).

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    I loved Stardust as well!!! However, Rick hated it.
    #6 was totally me as well. As far back as I can remember all the occupations that I ever considered allowed me to work from home or at least be home a majority of the time.
    oh, and I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Buffy (in my Religion and Fantasy class, actually: Best Class Ever!!)

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    David — I like Tom Hanks too. The rest I’m not so sure about. As actors, brilliant, but some of their characters are not likeable at all, especially Al Pacino. I still haven’t seen American Psycho, but I have seen that scene… pretty funny.

    Alicia — Oh no! Dave liked Stardust. I don’t think he could watch it as often as I could, but he can watch it.
    Ah, I love Buffy. I have all the DVDs and I go through stages of watching them all again. I’m almost at the end of season 7 again. It’s a good one to collect because there’s 7 seasons, lots of variety and it was never axed, so it has a good resolution.

    Randa — I think this one that I bought was a remake. It was on TV about 2 years ago. The original Bionic Woman was much more successful I think.

  4. David says


    I love the movie Stardust as well, it is one of the reasons I am looking forward to Coraline. (like Stardust, based on a book by Neil Gaiman).

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    Hello Kristarella,

    Generally, I like your blog/site theme and already I have learned some helpful tips and ideas in which will assist me to possibly catapult into WordPress. Thesis surely is a valuable tool and IMHO beats the crap out of Googling for XHTML/DHTML/CSS and javascript help.

    I understand this center scrolling column but personally I grow a little tension with regards to the static items such as your RSS and Twitter that run over content margin. This has both pro’s and con’s, being that it causes spacial tension which can make for visual interest, but for me, the logic did not compute. My first thought was it surely would be okay for pages that conflict with those reversed items [white on black] the main scrolling content line length [width] could simply be shorter and I don’t think it would impede upon how the page looks, flow or the readability. I presume you kept this white center content area the same size as your other site pages simply for convenience? Being critical here, for it does NOT look bad. But I just couldn’t help but think that for this, “7 odd or interesting things about me” that the scrolling center could have benefitted from a shorter width.

    Anyhow, I find you and your content interesting so I have RSS’d and Twitter’d you as well. I am ripping up my old school pages, slowly removing tables and surely dumping my Fireworks prototypes containing zillions of sliced images which is fun to watch while they load — LOL

    I’ve used Dreamweaver since version 3 and have been living with Studio_8, and Xara XtremePro quite some time now. The WordPress/Thesis combo looks good to me. Worst case scenario I can’t imagine NOT using Thesis regardless of what HTML editor a person uses. Again I appreciate your tutorial about that.

    In closing, I will be switching back to OSX very soon and was wondering what you use to capture screen video on Mac? I’ve created all of PC Help Videos using Camtasia and plan to continue on OSX as well. Any input from you will be greatly appreciated. [ I also like to capture the entire Desktop in my videos, not just the application. ] Just thought I would mention that if it makes a difference as to what Mac product to use to get the job done.

    Thanks again and I LQQK forward to your blogs & twits.


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    Hey Harry,

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I went with the widest single column layout that Thesis had at the time, mainly because I didn’t want to have to fight too hard to get my photoblog happening the way I wanted (which is slightly wider than these post pages). Thesis 1.5 has some great new features (on the PHP integration and manipulation side) that I am going to dig in to and get things running a little smoother around here. I will take your comment into consideration when I’m tweaking.

    You must keep your browser reasonably narrow for the boxes to run over the content column? Mine is only about 1040px wide, but they’re a good 20–30px away from the edge. 😉

    I use iShowU for screen capture. I’m not sure it’s the best one for Mac, but I bought it, it’s not too expensive and I like it. Rick uses something else and I think Chris considers nothing else to be as good as Camtasia and could never go totally Mac because of it… or something like that. iShowU can be set to capture any part of the screen, I think most good mac screen recording software can.

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    I had that same rash around my rings, and then it started on my middle finger. Finally went to the dermatologist, who said I had eczema from dishwashing and from using rubber gloves (mild latex allergy). I have to use a latex-free glove when washing dishes. In the States Nyplex gloves by Magla are readily available, and that’s what I use. Now that my children are older, they wash all the dishes. Unfortunately, it took such a long time to heal the eczema that my rings no longer fit.

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    Hey Kathy, my fingers got so bad that I could only wear my rings for about 10 hours and then I’d have to leave them for a week to recover. Thankfully, I had my rings rhodium plated (white gold comes rhodium plated, but it wears off) and I’ve been wearing them for two weeks now. Yay!
    Sorry to hear that your rings don’t fit anymore :(