Tumblr, tweets and twizzles (for shizzle)

Updated Tumblr

I figured since I have a link to my tumblelog in the footer, I should actually update it!

It’s mainly a collection of my online profiles, guest posts, that sort of thing.

If you want a list of sites that I think are cool I have a links page and del.icio.us (most recent of which are in the sidebar linkblog) for that.

By the by, if anyone knows what on earth is going on with the columns on my links page, let me know! I thought that the columns, if floated left, would be next to each other and then underneath each other. However, they seem to be next to each other and then underneath the longest column, not directly underneath the column above them. There is no “clear” style applied to these elements!

Cool Photoblogs

I haven’t been particularly active on Cool Photoblogs in the last… ever, actually. However, I’m sure that I found some of my favourite photoblogs through them in the early days.

They have annual photoblog awards; it would be sweet if you would vote for me. That is, if you like my photos of course, or if you like to vote when someone asks. :) You need to sign in to vote, so if you don’t want an account I understand, but if you like photoblogs it could be worth while!


Yep, I did it. I resisted for what seemed like ages. Twitter seemed like a lame idea — “What are you doing now?”. Now that I’ve done it, it’s a bit fun. It made me smile when Darren Rouse said,

Moved up to Joes Garage (Brunswick St Fitzroy) for lunch – anyone in the area?

How cool would it be if you could say that and suddenly a bunch of bloggers rocked up to have lunch with you?!

I’ve been updating my status in haikus. I like having to restrict myself not only by characters, but by syllables as well. I might get tired of the haikus though. 😛

It’s not particularly distracting, although it might depend on how many people you follow. I think I’m going to need to resist the urge to use it like an IM client though, easy to treat it that way when twhirl looks so much like an IM window.

You can follow me at twitter.com/kristarella. Follow me so I can follow you, or leave your profile address in the comments. :)

Viruses suck

I’ve been home today with a cold. I wanted to get more essay reading done than I did. It’s hard to motivate yourself through a cold. It’s not bed time yet, maybe I can still get some done!


  1. says

    Ain’t it the truth!

    Although I think motivated was the wrong word to use. Concentrating is my main problem: brain fades quite quickly.