Making Goals and Making Graphics


I only realised last night that just telling myself to do my essay isn’t working. I need to make smaller, achievable goals to actually be productive and be able to measure my success. Previous goal: “Write Proteorhodopsin essay.” Todays goal: “Read at least 3 papers and write at least 2 pages of essay.”

That might sound like a small goal to some of you, but that’s what I need today.

After all the “blogging goals” posts I’ve read, you’d think I could have fed some of that into my real life!


Yes, it’s true. I can’t help myself. I love making graphics and need satisfy my craving!

I changed my favicon. I think it definitely ties in better with the sites design. I don’t know if the hot air balloons are immediately recognisable in the 16×16, but I think you can figure out what they are when you visit the site. favicon clouds

sony ericsson phone theme

I made a new Sony Ericcson phone theme (240×320 resolution). It’s called Ampersand and uses the ampersand and asterisk from Plantagenet Cherokee. I wanted to use the Palatino Italic ampersand, but I couldn’t get it into Blender (I think I was just dumb and tried to import the whole folder instead of the individual font file). I think the theme looks better on the phone than in the image previews.

It’s inspired by I Love Typography, mainly because the Sunday Type mentioned ampersands, so the word/character was in my head. I’m working on a desktop in a similar style for the iLT gear. Hope Johno likes it. :)

Update 7 June 2008: Have updated the phone theme. Available on deviantArt, AmpRevamped.


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    Comment form isn’t showing up on the favicon post!

    I can totally relate to monumental projects needing to be broken down into smaller bits. That’s the way it was for me with my blog redesign. Instead of “Redesign my whole blog,” it was do some research, pick out favorite styles, draw 5 thumbnails/day… all simple and achievable, and it usually got me going to the point that I did more than I had planned, which is always nice!

    Hmm, I have a hard time telling what the new Favicon is. I mean I know it’s a balloon, but It’s not so obvious at first glance.

    Wait, so you designed that phone theme? Wow! Great job!! I Like the 3D symbols.

    I want to do a wallpaper for iLT, too. I have some ideas, just need to sit down and do them! Maybe I need to break it into smaller goals… hehe

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    Woah, that’s freaky. I found the problem though. When I updated the post with a link to this one something screwy happened and the “document contain no data” thing came up. I just hit “try again” and let it resend the data. Somehow the “allow comments” thing got unticked in that process. :(

    Yeah, the favicon isn’t as clear as a little bitmap illustration might be, but I like it better than any of my previous attempts. So I guess I’ll see how it goes. 😛

    Thanks :) You like the menu icons or the 3D ampersand and asterisk? Menu isn’t mine, the rest pretty much is.

    Ooh, cool. Look forward to seeing your wallpapers. Mine ended up being simpler than I thought. I was trying some stuff with lighting and shadows, but it didn’t really work out so I left them out.