NSW banning laser pointers?

I just came across this news story. It says the NSW government is banning laser pointers due to the danger posed to pilots and drivers.

It caught my attention because it just seems so weird! Sure, we don’t want planes to come crashing down on our heads, but blanket banning lasers just seems silly.

The kind of idiot that shines lasers into the eyes of people operating heavy machinery is not the kind of person to be deterred by such laws.

A comment by the Police Commissioner said the law will empower police to crack down on improper use of lasers. Really? What were they doing before? Standing around saying “Gee, that guy is behaving dangerously, but I can’t do anything about it because there’s no specific law regarding his actions.”? I’d say endangering others is just cause to “crack down” anyway.

Wow, I’m glad this was important enough to make the news!


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    some people are just plain dumb and just don’t think. there were reports several years ago over here where some guys were standing on low bridges (over the highways) and shinning the lasers down on cars — causing temporary blindness and accidents.

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    😀 … Has it good and bad side … ! It happen here in M’sia b4 … But now i don know whether the banning still run … Coz u can buy it everywhere at M’sia now …