UFRaw User Guide

Just a quick note about dealing with RAW photos with open source software. I recently realised that my camera shoots RAW (in the Nikon .nef format), so I want to learn how to use this format.

The version of GIMP that I downloaded from Wilbur loves Apple already includes the UFRaw plugin. So when I try to open .nef files in GIMP, UFRaw importer opens up for you to do all the white balance and color thingies to it.

If all this doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me either. That’s why I went to the UFRaw User Guide, which is almost illegible.

The UFRaw sites looks like one thrown together by 13 year old on MySpace. White text on a black background with icons thrown in all over the place, and the navigation links on the side are barely separated from the main body of text.

I thought this guide might be something I want to keep referencing as I learn to use this tool and process my photos. So, I’ve taken the user guide and color management instructions and made them into a PDF.

The layout of the PDF is by no means perfect, but I dare say, it’s a damn sight better than looking at the website. I’ve retained all the text, the icons (because they’re useful for explaining how to use the tool’s interface), the demonstration images and the internal and external links.

Feel free to download the PDF for yourself.


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    Thanks for putting this together. It was precisely what I was looking for. I persevered for several minutes with their website but only succeeded in making myself feel sick. I don’t understand why white on black remains popular. Survey after survey shows that most people don’t like it. Go figure.