Did he notice I was tardy?

“I think the word you’re searching for is absent. Tardy people show…” 1

Yes, I’ve been slightly absent from my blog, but not from blogs in general! I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been reading much. Pro Blog Design is one of my new favourite blogs. Michael writes really well and promotes extensive discussion. Being subscribed to posts that I’ve commented on has brought new life to my email inbox!

I’ve also been reading Skelliewag.org, notably 50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog. Some of Skellie’s tips are from an especially minimalist perspective and may not suit your blog, but overall her advice is excellent.

I’ve also been a bit busy balancing life, including uni. This week is a break for most of the university, but for those taking Recombinant DNA Techniques it’s a full week of laboratory work. Very similar to the job I had for the last 2 years, except I’m not getting paid. 😛

Keeping me sane today was a little project that I set myself with the help of JHS. After we figured out how to separate comments and trackbacks we discussed themes. JHS likes this theme, but it’s not widget enabled. She also likes the Copyblogger theme‘s typesetting. So I did a re-style of Copyblogger. Not that it needs it, because it’s an excellent theme, but it was a bit of fun and I learnt how to use multiple widget sidebars and random image headers. I call it CBblue. It’s not available for download at this point because I would want to ask Chris Pearson for permission and I feel that the Copyblogger theme is excellent as it is. It’s also a beautifully simple theme that would be a good starting point for users to learn some CSS.

CBblue screenshot

So that’s what I’ve been doing… what about you?

1. Ten points to the person who picks the quote in the title and first line!


  1. Justin says

    If my memory serves me correctly…
    It’s from Buffy…and it goes:
    Buffy, how come you weren’t in class?
    Vampire issues. Did Mr. Whitmore notice I was tardy?
    I think the word you’re searching for is absent.
    Tardy people show.

    Am I right? =]