Opinion on blogrolls

This time I’m asking opinions rather than giving. 😉

dropdown blogroll

Presently I have Blogopalooza, Links, Photoblogs and Software in my sidebar. They are all my link categories and I’m using the standard links widget to display them. For the last couple of months I’ve been using a dropdown blogroll widget to display them, which made the sidebar much more digestible (in my opinion – woops, just gave an opinion!), but it caused the links to open in the same window or tab and they couldn’t be opened in a different one (which is something I don’t like).

So what I’m asking is are they ok the way they are now, or is it too much to view at once? Should I go back to the dropdown blogroll that can only open in this window? Should I search for another dropdown widget that can open in other windows or tabs? Should I just make a different page with all my favourite links and then link to that page in the sidebar?


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    I think that the list is a little long at the minute, but I can see why you wouldn’t want dropdowns opening in the same window either.

    What about using a code to randomly display only one of the lists per page?

    PS – You’re a Buffy fan?!?! That just made you even cooler! 😀

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    i like the drop down menu but put it such that it stays on the same page and not opening up in a different window. i think the sidebar is a little long at the moment.

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    Thanks for your input guys. I will investigate solutions!

    Michael – Hehe, yes, I’m a big fan… seen all of the seasons many times and love the music. I have little in the way of memorabilia – that’s more because I don’t want to accumulate stuff I won’t use, as opposed to not loving the show. Do you like Firefly?

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    Yes, I stopped doing Rent-My-Blog. The main reasons were: I didn’t really fancy the blogs that were bidding on mine and there’s no point promoting something if you’re not genuine about it; my bids on blogs I liked weren’t being accepted; I got busy and didn’t have much time for it anymore.

    I’d be more than happy to promote other blogs and sites that I like, or that asked me to (unless I couldn’t find anything good to say), but Blog Explosion has lost its interest for me.

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    I don’t really collect memorabilia either. I have the DVDs, books, posters and magasines, but none of the little action figures etc. that they sold. That was just a little too much for me. 😀

    I never really got into Firefly. I liked Nathan Filion as Caleb in Buffy, and the one or two eps that I saw were alright, but not really my thing… :( (I’m not much of a sci-fi person, other than Battlestar Galactica!)