Memory – The Olden Days

I was reminded just now of my youth… I mean my baby youth when my concept of time was almost non-existent and my knowledge of history came from fairy tales.

Looking through a photoblog there was a photo of a old cobble street with sandstone buildings. It reminded me of when I was a little older than a baby and I used to ask my mother, “What was it like in the olden days?” I seem to remember her answering me with memories one time and then another time she said, “Oh dear, I’m not that old!” Indeed she wasn’t. The ‘olden days’ are probably late 1800s to early 1900s and she’s not nearly that old.

I suppose in essence I wanted to know what it was like when she was growing up. It wasn’t as different to today as 1890, but it was different. They didn’t have a television for a start. TVs were available, but they weren’t as commonly owned as they are now. There seemed to be much stricter rules of proprietary where courting was concerned. People worked, they didn’t spend half their lives in the education system!

Funny, the things that go through a brain when left free to its own devices.