Hazar, bugger and hazar again

I bought new jeans yesterday and I’m half way in taking them up! When my Nan moved into a retirement/care place Mum gave me her sewing machine. I hadn’t taken it out until last night but it seems to work and is easy to use. I only got up to cutting off my jeans and folding, pinning and ironing the bottoms ready for sewing. I realised I may not be able to sew the tear in my old jeans because I might not be able to get the right angle on the sewing machine without sewing the whole leg of the jeans together.

Plus, I succesfully updated my photoblog software. There was a small glitch when the comments broke but it was easily fixed by me realising I didn’t upload some needed files and the test comments I left were not “published” so I told them to publish.

I can’t believe it! I missed the end of my graphics course. There’s still a little bit to go, but we had a final project in which I seemed to be the only one doing anything, then when the other people started to do stuff I didn’t check the website and I just remembered this morning that the project was due last night. It got done, I think overall I did a little less than half the work so I guess it’s not too much of a crisis that I wasn’t there for the end. The other girls were probably stressing though. :(

On better news, my Proteins group is ripping through the lab work this morning. I met with George last week to organise a plan for our work (we have to take turns being the group leader). I emailed the plan and divided the work between people in the group. There’s a bit more sitting around than I thought there’d be, thus me writing a blog post during lab, but otherwise it’s going really well. 😀


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    Just checking in and catching up. I have been having a hard time trying to leave feedback on your blog. I hope this one works.