I actually went to bed at a sensible hour last night, ready to get up early this morning, but I didn’t really get to sleep properly until the normal time I go to sleep. I guess that’s how bodies work. If that’s the case though shouldn’t I not be so tired?

I got 11/10 for a test that I did last Friday, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s good having bonus questions, they might in some way make up for the bomb I made of another test.

I think I’m getting a cold. I have a really dry throat that’s a little bit sore and my nose is stuffy, not runny like it was with hayfever, it’s actually stuffy. It’s weird… my Gran buys me Nature Bee capsules, which I forget to take for long periods of time. I adore the soap that comes with it when you order a pack of capsules, but I’m not sure about the value of taking the capsules. The radio station that Gran listens to promotes them to no end. Apparently the host of one of the shows take three a day. You can read what the website has to say, including “NatureBee will boost your immune system, improve your mental alertness and improve your digestion. NatureBee uses various processes to enhance pollen’s digestibility.” So why is it that apart form hayfever I’m pretty healthy, but when I start taking Nature Bee I fell like I’m coming down with a cold? I’ll stick it out for a while and see how I go. Perhaps this is just an adjusting period.