Can only get better

This morning sucked! I sacrificed my sleep-in to do some much needed supermarket shopping. When I got to the check-out there were two registers open. One had one person at it and the other had two people waiting, one of them an old lady. Naturally I chose the register with one person at it. This woman was having her groceries delivered and the staff was just useless, she ran around trying to find the price for delivery, then she took ages completely ignoring me and tying the tops of the bags up. I realise she couldn’t just leave the bags there, but some acknowledgement and a time estimate could have been given so I knew not to unpack my groceries and wait for her. I did wait and she said “register 9 was free” I told her there was a line when I unpacked my groceries. She put everything through and I tried to pay – my card had expired! I had to go home and get my new card and come back. I was annoyed and angry and there’s a number that you’re supposed to call to say you received your card in the mail but they kept me on hold so long that I didn’t care to tell them that I received my card. I went back to the supermarket and paid for my groceries. Thankfully they have a thing that saves the transaction so she didn’t have to rescan all my shopping.
I missed my train but still got to uni on time.

Now my lecture is cancelled and I’m trying to do work while waiting for the next one. Trying being the operative word in that sentence… :phew: