I shouldn’t get so worked up about something like this, but I am infuriated that at some point WordPress changed all the category and link IDs such that categories and links are effectively the same thing, which means that wou can’t have category ID 1 and Link ID 1, it changed the numbers of all my link groups. That probably makes little sense, but the end results was that I haven’t had any of my links showing up in my sidebar. I don’t know how long it’s been like that. I’m really sorry to the people you thought their link should be there and wasn’t. I’m going to be updating the list over the next few days as well…

To think that I was a bit hurt today when I noticed that my link wasn’t on someone else’s site that I thought it would have been and then I haven’t had any links on my site for however long WP decided to change all my links.

You may have noticed that I removed the Spare Room space at the top of the side bar. Quite a while ago I got bored with the whole blog renting thing, all the sites I’d liked before didn’t seem to be bidding or being up for rent any more and I haven’t been motivated to go back and do any Blog Explosion stuff for a while. So I took it down. I think I need to put something pretty in the sidebar to replace it, I’m not sure what though.

Since I took the renting space down I also took the previous renters blogroll down too.


  1. Justin says

    I have an Idea…I made a random qoute generator using quotes from Yoda hehe…I can always change it to different quotes, and then you can use it on your blog :)