The ups and downs

As I said the other day, I’ve been giving Camino a try. Camino is quite sleek, it isn’t cluttered and it renders things very nicely. Right now I’m typing from Firefox because I missed the in-line spell-checking, I missed the handy Find bar at the bottom (when you press Command+F), I missed my iFox theme. It seems that Camino’s benefits don’t outweigh the convenience that Firefox provides. The one thing I really want from Firefox that comes from Camino is to use Keychain Access for saved passwords. If I’m really lucky 1Passwd will solve that for me and the only thing Firefox won’t do that Camino does (as far as I know) is render the buttons on pages with cute rounded corners.

It seems that the Motorola V3 doesn’t like calendars, it won’t let iSync put my calendars on there. The contacts, however, were easy to sync.

They’re the only quirks I’ve had time to discover yet. I’m sure there are more. Any opinions on Mac programs are appreciated. :)