[maniacal laugh]

I LOVE IT when things go right!

Yesterday things didn’t started going well until about 7pm. I took my MacBook into work but the Kensington lock I borrowed from hubby’s uni a while ago wouldn’t lock properly. It locked when it wasn’t in the computer and the key would come out but when I tried to lock it in the computer the key just wouldn’t come out. After work I went down to the uni computer store to buy one but they closed at 5, I got there at 5 past.

When the bus arrived at the bus stop I reached into my pocket for my ticket and it wasn’t there. My bus and train tickets must have wriggled out of my pocket some time during the day. So I had to buy another train ticket on the way home and a new bus ticket this morning (lucky there was only a few rides left on that one I guess).

After that it was all smooth sailing. I got home and opened the enormous wad of mail we received. I did the supermarket shopping and picked up Thai on the way home. There’s a new Thai take-away place near us. It passed the test! It’s better than the other Thai places in the vicinity. I also looked ahead to tomorrows dinner and noticed that the fish needed marinading so I mixed up the marinade and put the fish in it. Since doing the CSIRO diet I’ve always had the ingredients, thanks to the shopping list in the back of the book, but sometimes I don’t notice before 7pm that something was supposed to marinade for at least four hours. :woops:

This morning I bought a new Kensington lock; I feel much better now that my computer seems secure. It’s a cute little lock, I has a retractable cable for traveling. Oh and by the way Eddie, some Kensington locks have a lifetime guarantee! Mine only has two years, possibly because of the retracting mechanism, but the other one that I was looking at (bit more expensive too) has a lifetime guarantee.

I had a PCR that wasn’t right – it was giving me about ten bands of different lengths when there should only be one. Yesterday I cranked the temperature up 5 degrees and this morning I discovered that it worked like a charm!

Now if only I could fix QuickTime so that Frontrow can play Alias properly. I haven’t really tried yet, so here’s hoping…


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    Hey Kriso,

    Sounds like this MacBook is very cool. I’ll have to have a look sometime.

    Was I talking about Kensington locks one day? I was surprised to find out that not all laptop locks are the same size. My company purchased a bunch of Belkin locks which only fitted some of the laptops. I thought those holes were a standard size, but obviously not.


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      Yeah yeah, Dave had the same confusion when I said I couldn’t get it to lock, he thought I must have been doing something wrong but then he couldn’t get it to lock either. 😛
      No, you weren’t talking about Kensington locks, you were talking about fridges, not making things to last and Tupperware having a life-time guarantee.