Weird night and the car

Tonight was unexpected. Hubby was planning on going to karate. I was stay a bit late at the lab and catch the 6:10pm bus to get the 6:30pm train.

I got as much work done as I could, got the the bus stop in time. Watched as two buses pulled up and sat there doing nothing. The 6:10pm bus never arrived and one of the parked buses pulled up at 6:20pm. Since there was a bus scheduled for that time I can only assume that the ten past failed to arrive, rather than it being late. I got a call from hubby when I was less than half-way home on the train asking me to get some oil for the car because it doesn’t have any in it and the car won’t start.

The car had a little oil in it, it definitely needed more, but I can only assume that wasn’t the problem because the car still won’t start and is making the same whirring/grinding/screeching noise that it was before we put oil in. It also made that noise just just before I got it started at the shops yesterday and after karate last night.

So instead of my plans to come home and cook dinner and possibly organise some photos that have been sitting in a draw into an album. I took an unexpected and longer route home to pick up some oil, which after karate last night was pretty heavy.

I actually feel moderately good about this change of plans. Granted, the car not starting is horrible, I may have to postpone my driving course on Thursday. Still, I’m feeling on the glass-half-full-side-of-life at the moment, I got some exercise, I still cooked us a yummy dinner, which was filling and healthy. Hopefully the car will be fixed soon!

News! Brother-in-law just came over and the car started. Hubby will take it for someone to look at tomorrow, maybe it was the oil after all, just needed to get through the engine a bit.