Happy New Year!

Another one over, a new one just begun… What’s that song? Ah, doesn’t matter. We had a great night last night! We had our regular church service (although a little quieter than usual), then we had Tim and BJ over for dinner and a game of Settlers of Catan. We were going to catch up with other church folks at party/BBQ after our game, but it ended up taking too long. I thought a game would take about an hour but I guess the set up took longer than usual because we were explaining the rules. I won! Winning is always a strange feeling because I’m glad I didn’t lose but it means the game ends and no one else gets the satisfaction of winning.

It turns out that I don’t like Basement Jaxx very much. There’s a couple of songs that I don’t mind (Where’s Your Head At? and Do Your Thing) but the rest really don’t take my fancy.

These holidays have been so great, very relaxing and nice to just do things I enjoy; sleeping, eating, watching JAG, playing games, designing my new template. A new template for the new year! On my computer it look blue but on my hubby’s it looks grey which is a little weird, but never mind. Anyway, I don’t really feel like going back to work, I will though, it’s not like I’m over run with other things to do, and I’ll need some money eventually.

This New Year’s Day is a little different to last year. Last year was the hottest New Year on record. It was so hot everyone talked about it all year, the plants were scorched, we lived in fear of this summer. This summer really hasn’t been very hot, which suits me just fine, I don’t look that good in singlets and shorts. 😛

What’s in store for this year? I’m continuing my uni degree, I got some karate pants that fit so hopefully I’ll get a bit better at karate! I wouldn’t mind studying French more, but that might have to wait. I want to improve my writing and my English skills, I think that I’d rather use my science education in a way that’s interesting to me and helps other people understand science better. I look at ‘research’ science and it seems so difficult; writing grants to get money, not getting money, needing to write papers to get people to give me money but not having the money to do experiments to write papers… it’s a bit of a vicious cycle. Then if one does have money there’s the experiments that don’t work and take weeks, maybe months to troubleshoot. I think I chose science at uni because it was one of the more interesting subjects to learn at school, it’s interesting to learn about at uni, but learning and doing are very different things. ‘Routine’ science (testing samples in a pathology lab, that kind of thing) is apparently quite boring, I would do it if I needed the money but it’s not my preference. It would be really cool to have a job as a writer in a magazine or newspaper, then I can still read and learn about science but I don’t have to do those pesky experiments. I don’t have very much experience writing, so that’s where the English skills comes in.

Hope y’all have a fantastic year!