I’ve had a pretty good, productive few days. We watched a few movies, played some games of Pioneers. We went to a 21st and an engagement party. Sadly, the 21 year old broke her foot dancing and is now in bed with a cast. Strangely, in the Father-of-the-(soon to be)-bride’s speech he mentioned that the (soon to be) groom asked his permission to marry his daughter and “of course” he said no. Huh? I can imagine he might have thought that his daughter was too young but they’ve been going out for five years, what’s a good reason to say no, and why would you “of course” say no? Evidently he changed his mind because we were having a party to celebrate the sayings of “yes”.

Yesterday was tiring but satisfying. I managed to buy more than half of the required Christmas presents for this year, did the supermarket shopping, finished pulling out all my clothes and putting them in bags to give away. I filled two garbage bags full of clothes that don’t fit or I haven’t worn in ages. I threw away some clothes that were ripped, I think I had visions of cutting them up and sewing them into something new but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it. Anyway, I now actually have room to put away all of my clothes on hangers or in drawers. I also did the dishes and cooked dinner before going to karate so that it was nearly ready for when we came home. We had spaghetti bolognese, always nice because there’s always too much and I get to take left-overs to work for lunch :)

I also bought a diary for next year. It’s cool, it’s Filofax style but not as expensive; it’s a sort of lime green colour, soft “leather” (for the price it can’t be real leather), a button to close it, note paper, address space, one week per view. I want to find a little book mark, like the one in the diary I have now, one that slots into the rings. I love new diaries, I’m not sure what it is but I just love having to get a new one and having dates to write in there. Already I have three weddings in there. Oops, forgot one, there should be four weddings.

I’m mega tired today. I don’t know if I can be productive today. I’ve already done some stuff, the rest is a bit mundane and not urgent. I got a lot of samples to test again this week, I can’t believe how many they keep sending me, I can’t keep up. Alas I have to leave them in the freezer overnight to precipitate the DNA so I can’t do more work on them today. I need to finish up last week’s tests but I’m already using both machines that I use to do it.

I just had a thought that I could have tried selling some of my clothes on Ebay, there’s one shirt that I bought for $80 and wore once, it’s really nice, but it doesn’t fit me anymore. Oh well, whoever Anglicare gives it to can walk around in style.