Dear dear

Hubby went to the doctor over two hours ago and he’s still not home. He has had a blocked ear for about a week, it seems to be a recurring thing. He’s been pretty grumpy since dinner time last night, while I hope he’s not still waiting for the doctor I also hope that he isn’t staying out just to stay away from me. Then again, as long as I don’t worry too much about it, while there’s nothing I can do anyway, then I suppose either one is fine if he comes home with a solution to his blocked ear and grumpiness.

Update: The wait at the doctor did take that long. He did come home with a solution and a bit happier :)

I tried exporting the pictures that I was talking about yesterday as GIFs from Inkscape. They still don’t work in IE6, but I wonder if Inkscape doesn’t really encode (interlace) them properly as GIFs. I suppose I should see if the GIFs from the GIMP work but those ones came out a little skanky looking so I don’t want to use them anyway.

I also discovered that Safari doesn’t obey “no-repeat” for background images properly. It’s a bit weird. I found this “bug-fix” for the problem but it’s less of a fix and more of a way to get around the problem. I’ll probably try it though since I haven’t found anything else to fix it.

2nd Update: Bother! I just redid the images that I had the repeating problem with so that they have extra transparent space so that Safari doesn’t need to repeat them. Then I realised that it will make IE 6 uglier because it makes transparency in PNGs white. There’s no winning!
If you use IE 6 please leave a comment and let me know, it’s better than relying on stats :)