Back to school…

studyingI’m a bit excited, while I don’t have to go back to uni for a few months I just spent my morning going through my class plan and figuring out what my timetable will look like for next year. I got an email about a week ago from the uni explaining that they’re steering away from the whole year enrolment and going for a per semester type enrolment. I think that it’s a good way to go, you can look see which classes you’re interested in ahead of time but you have to wait until half-way through the year to see the timetable and enrol in them. It’s more fair for those trying to enrol if you can only do it for each semester; it would be a bummer if you tried to enrol but the class was full so you chose a class you didn’t like as much but then 40% of the people fail the prerequisite and you could get in but you didn’t know about it. [Sorry, that was an unpleasantly long sentence!]

So my timetable itself isn’t that exciting, I have classes everyday but on one of the days I only have one lecture at 9am. I guess if I still have a job I’ll go to work that day. At least my timetable isn’t too full. I’m going to be doing a general education course online so that should be convenient. I should also be able to go to a CBS meeting on Tuesdays.

Maybe I’ll make some friends this time. :sheepish: