Widgets for Linux

ADesklets are widgets that can be used in Linux using the X-windows system.
They are cute and easily customisable. This article has a nice description of how to install the calendar and weather desklets. I now have the weather forecast one up and running and configured to the way I like it. I’ve had to configure it using the config.txt file, not the Right-Click -> Configure, which didn’t seem to work. Sadly, weather forecasts for Sydney retrieved from the US are approximately three degrees higher than those in Sydney. Is this because of slowness in getting accurate information to the US or is it something in the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius?


Now if I ever try to get a handle on Python I can try to write a calendar desklet that downloads my Google Calendar. The Calendar desklet that’s currently available is quite nice, you can change the sizes and colours. It even allows you to make notes on the days but it has none of the external integration I’ve been looking for.