Thursday Thirteen #34

Before I do this, might I just say, thank goodness for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals! I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. Now I apparently look like I’m going to collapse but I feel much better.

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things I lurve about Firefox.

1. Tabbed browsing – Okay, I know that Safari, Camino and possibly even IE7 and Opera can do this too but Firefox was the first one of these that I used and it’s soooo convenient. I always found new windows in IE annoying, even before I knew tabs existed.

2. Themes – How good is it to be able to change the look and feel of your browser at a whim?! Totally good. My favourite theme is the iFox theme, I’m not sure whether I use smooth or graphite, they’re all hot! I just installed FFv2.0 on my work computer and even the default theme doesn’t look too bad 😉

3. Extensions – It is way cool to be able to make your browser do more than browse. I especially like Web Developer and Flash Block.

4. New in FFv2.0 is inbuilt session saver, you can set your browser to open with the tabs that were open when you closed your browser, it also records previously closed tabs in the History menu. Once I accidentally opened another page in the tab where I was writing a blog post and when I clicked back, the post was still there! I’m pretty sure FF didn’t used to remember forms like that.

5. Also a new feature, one that I don’t think was previously available in extension form, in-line spell check! Whenever you enter text into forms, for example blog comments, you get a little red line underneath incorrectly spelled words. To correct them you can simply right-click (or Ctrl+click on mac) and choose the correct word from the list.

6. Google search bar – it’s just so convenient, I use it at least ten times a day, perhaps many more.

7. Tab list – new in v2.0 and rather cute is a little button at the end of the tab bar that lists all your tabs so if you have trouble reading the page title or have lots of tabs open then you can look at the list and choose where you want to go.

8. It’s also really customisable. If you go to about:config in your address bar then you can make extra customisations, like making your tab size smaller. Spiffy stuff if you’re as pedantic about your screen as I am. Lifehacker has some nice ones.

9. Firefox conforms to some kind of web standards, for example it can do things nicely with CSS and can handle transparency in PNG images.

10. You can read blogs in Firefox.

11. You can find useful information with Firefox.

12. You can find useless information with Firefox.

13. Yeh, I know, I’m really scraping the barrel with these last few. I thought this list was going to be easier than it was because I really like Firefox, I guess I was too succinct in my previous points. If you use Internet Explorer you should install Firefox now! If you use something else then you’re forgiven.

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    I have added mine, but as I have pointed out on the post, it is not quite Thursday yet for me :) Um… I really nerded out gave my 13 reasons Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek

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      Linkies is an extra thing. It’s not too difficult to install although I’m not exactly sure how to on Blogger. Luckily once you have an account you can use the Widget Wizard to tell you how to install the linkies.

      I don’t see a 13 on your blog :huh:

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    Safari was the first browser I used with tabs and I’ll never go back to IE again. I’ve used Firefox, Camino and Opera as well. I’ve found little quirks with all of them but overall they’re great.

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    Ok. It must be a conspiracy! This is the third person who has mentioned FireFox to me in as many days.

    I need to do some checking into this.

    Great TT! (Including the last few)

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    I guess I am going to have to get into this Thursday Thirteen bit. I am just too afraid to commit, however. :)

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      Hey, if you don’t feel like taking part one week then just don’t. I’ve missed a couple recently. Please just don’t post two the next week to make up for it! That’s lame 😛

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    LOVING your T13 this week. Firefox rocks my world. I have been using it for quite some time (while giving IE the cold shoulder…) and have been making efforts to convert all my friends and blog readers. I just installed the new version today. Very excited about the spell check, but looking forward to getting some new themes that are compatible with this version. The default one kind of bores me…

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    One of the things I like about the newest version of Firefox is being able to subscribe to rss feeds of blogs I find on the fly just by clicking the rss symbol in the address bar. It goes right to my bloglines lists so I don’t have to keep bloglines open in a tab and go back and forth.

    BTW, I love your blue smilies. Happy belated TT.

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    FF is the best! 😀

    thanks for the link for the web developer plugin – just installed it… it rocks! i was going to say editCSS is a good extension too but web developer has the same feature. i’ll stick with ie6 for now as i want the option of an older browser (although my IE7 curiosity may get the better of me pretty soon)

    just curious, why would you want to block flash?