Thursday Thirteen #30

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things about my husband, in honour of his birthday.

1. He is quite ambivalent, verging on dislike, towards birthdays.

2. He is very intelligent.

3. When he was younger he read encyclopedias at bedtime.

4. He looks like Tom Hanks.

5. At school some guys called him Mr Bean because they thought he looked like Rohan Atkinson.

6. He likes to make people laugh, or at least smile.

7. He’s a brown belt in karate.

8. He’s very brave – he bought me engagement ring all by himself and asked my father’s permission.

9. He’s very patient, he has to be to cope with me!

10. He likes to be on time, ironic because I’m always rushed and often running late.

11. He plays the piano very well. I look forward to when we have a place suitable for a piano and he can learn more songs and play more.

12. He’s doing a PhD in computers, he’s most probably the reason I am into computers so much these days.

13. Possibly best of all he’s a Christian, he trys to love me like Christ loved us (and he does a very good job being self-sacrificing) and I don’t have to worry about his eternal destination.

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  1. says

    Give him a big birthday hug for us… unless we’re not supposed to know. He does hate birthdays, I recall! Anyway, Happy TT and drop by my blog!

  2. says

    OH good for you, you have a very talented, loving and patient husband…i am so jealous i hope i find mine soon :heart:. my TT is up drop by if u can :kiss: 😀