Texas RV and me

I have a new renter! Go along and visit Texas RV Travel Blog. Why did I choose this blog? I don’t know. I’m not sure what information I’ll get that would be helpful to me or my readers that live in Australia because we’re very unlikely to trek around the US. I have to give CyberCelt snaps for a simple and pleasing template1, and while there are adverts, they are fairly unobtrusive. She seems to have a slight inclination to Sci-Fi so that’s good. Please visit and see if there’s something for you.

On other news hubby directed me to Google Image Labeler. It’s addictive and fun and a clever way of doing things. What it actually does is pull images from the net that might come up in a Google image search and you have to label them. The trick however is that you are paired with someone else and you have to nominate the same tag as they do. For each picture you tag you get 100 points. You can type in as many tags as you want so I recommend just typing whatever you see or are reminded of. This way Google gets people working for them to make their searches better and we have a bit of fun.

1 The template comes from Gecko and Fly; they have some good free Blogger templates.


  1. says

    Thank you for renting to me. Texans and Australians have a lot in common. Fierce independence and an intolerance for anything that is not authentic.

    Just do not hold Texas responsible for the President. He was not born here. :angel: