Ahhh! I’m very freaked out. I’m in the process of updating WordPress. I’ve never done it before and even though I’ve backed up my files I really don’t want there to be any problems.

Gus asked me to design the church web page. He’s made all the functional stuff he says that “design isn’t [his] thing” which is fine. I love it. Designing a blog is one thing. Designing a church website is quite different. I think at the moment he’s using a premade template for Mambo. I don’t really know how Mambo works or anything, well except that it uses php which is fine because so does WordPress. I’m thinking that it should be dynamic but apart from that I’m not sure. It seems right to use blue colours but red and grey could be okay as well. Not sure yet. I had a bit of a surf of other churches websites. Nothing really grabbed me. One church was doing something lame with flash when they should have just used a gif. Hmm, we’ll see how that goes I guess. I wonder who’s going to maintain the site and update things etc.

Update: Joy! All updated and my plugins all work!

2nd update: Oh my goodness! I was trying to give WP writing permissions for my files and killed my whole blog, because I’d done it to the themes folder so my blog couldn’t access that folder anymore. Woops! :shy: