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Over morning tea Jun was recounting a story in which he used to park his car under a tree and one day when he came back to his car it was covered with ants – on the inside too. As if that wasn’t bad enough when they swept the ants out and tried to clean the car up there were all the legs left behind on the dashboard!
You see Jun’s English isn’t the greatest, he has a very thick accent and sometimes gets words confused. When he was describing these legs I was thinking “Oh my gosh, what kind of legs? Were they eating the legs? Cockroach legs? Mouse legs? Human legs?” As we all sat there with horrified looks on our faces Jun eventually managed to correct himself. They’d left eggs behind on the dashboard.
Eggs, actually that’s gross enough, ant eggs would be bad! They cleaned them up with some kind of poison, not harmful to humans of course, or not in that small dose. We couldn’t help but have a bit of a chuckle afterwards at our reaction to the legs 😀