The internet at work is mega slow! Sometimes it’s okay but a lot of the time it is snail-like or doesn’t work at all. I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s annoying but who’s fault is it? The techs for letting the net go kerplooie all the time? The hospital for being stingy and not investing in a more reliable system and equipment? Or the boss of me lab for being stingy and not getting us better computer? I know the computers don’t determine the internet but if my computer is slow + slow internet = freaking slow everything!

I played squash for the first time yesterday. I enjoyed it. I hurt now though My butt, my legs, my right arm all have achy muscles. It’s very difficult to type or do anything with my right hand. I’m looking forward to next week!

This joke from grand-pa made me smile today. You should check it out too.

I’m quite excited about a bunch of things that I want to or will be doing. I’m excited about going to karate tonight. I’m excited about watching the rest of the movies I rented last Friday. I’m excited about updating my sidebar, I’m still not quite happy with the dropdown menus. I’m excited about finishing applying the template I made to wordpress. I’m excited about not going to uni next semester, although I’m a little apprehensive about what it will mean for next year and whether I’ll cope to going back to uni and work at the same time. I hope that we can go on a short getaway somewhere, soon. I hope that doing so would help hubby relax rather than make him more stressed.

No one has accepted my bid for a rent space on their blog in a very long time. Maybe I don’t make enough bids. Maybe I’m boring. Oh well… better do some more work.