New theme!

I finished the new theme I was making! I really like it! I’m in the mood for warm pinks and reds so I’ve changed my theme. I thought it might be a bit of a shock to the system so you are welcome to change back to the old theme, called “blue”, using the Theme Switcher over to the right.

Let me know what you think of the new one?

I had better get ready for my test tomorrow. I have to put all my prac notes together to be marked. I’ve already partly done so, from when I was studying for the exam previously, but not completely. I should put them in a folder so they are easily read and stay in order and such.


  1. Justin says

    It is an interesting theme…was a bit of a shock to see it different, but yeah. It’s cool =)

  2. One who listens says

    I really like your new theme. Much better than the old one.


  3. says

    I like both, the colours in both are good, but I liked you face at the top of the blue one, the new ‘girl and ballons’ image seems less personal. Its not the same without your face smiling at me!

  4. says

    Awww, thanks David. Well, you are welcome to switch back to the old one. Maybe I’ll find a way to put my smiling face on this one somewhere *grin*

    Cheers, Owl. Glad I’m on the way up. I like this one cos it’s a bit simpler and warmer, maybe easier on the eyes?

    Jus – it’s a surprise to me everytime I load the page!