Self Portrait Competition

I have decided, just for kicks, I’m going to have a self portrait competition. The prize is 75 Blog Explosion credits, which for some people may seem lame and for others totally awesome, depends on who wins and what sort of things they like, but like I said this is really just for kicks.

I’ve never had a competition before, and I haven’t been in the Blog Olympics Training Camps for a while because I have been busy and forgetful. So this could be a lame or a totally awesome experience, or somewhere in between.

The deadline for the entries will depend on the number of entries is Sunday 27th August at midight. I think there should be a maximum of three entries per person. I will let you know the deadline when I’ve decided :).

How to enter: create a self portrait of yourself by drawing or photographing or painting or whatever you want really. Upload it to the net so that we can see it, as a post on your blog or to a flickr account or photobucket or something like that. Then leave a comment to this post with a link to your portrait. You can include your BE user name in the event that you win in the comment or if not I’ll get it from the winner(s) via email when they’ve been decided.

This is an example of a portrait of myself (not the best one I have I didn’t want to give steal any ideas that you were having):

self portrait


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    That sounds like fun! I will be dressing up tomorrow, maybe I should try to get a few pics too!

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    Maybe Edwin! That picture really is quite something 😀

    There is one other participant *so far*. Mags sent one by email but due to the slowness of this competition and my own laziness I hadn’t posted it yet.


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    I am becoming a bloggy gossip regular, lol. I remembered 💡 I had posted a self-portrait early this year, which didn’t get enough attention (!):zzz: , since I was in between url’s… So here is my participation … wish me luck! B)