Mixed feelings of all kinds

This morning was an excellent morning. I caught a train one later than the one I usually get because I decided two minutes before I usually leave that I wanted to update my iPod. I must have had excellent sleep last night because despite being sick I felt quite good. I saw Cath, who I took a class with last year, on the bus and we had a nice chat. I didn’t get my coffe before my first class and I was on time.

I got my coffee after that class and was still on time to the next. Quarter-way through French I really had to go to the loo! I’d been sipping water all morning because this virus is sucking my fluids big time! I waited ’til the half-way break though. By the end of class I was starting to get tired. We went to Esme’s for lunch, it’s the main sit-in cafe at uni. They had $3.50 soups but I got raisin toast because the Cold & Flu tablets I’m taking make my tummy feel icky. Did you know that the same drugs that stop your nose from running can stop your stomach juices as well?

After that we went down to the uni bar and got some wine. Not something we’d done before but it was fun. We had some good conversation. Interesting as well. Turns out one of the ladies I hang with from French has breast implants! Good for her. She looks totally in proportion and she called her plastic surgeon because of the problems people have with leaking and he said that if she hasn’t had any problems for this long then she won’t. We also had a funny conversation about names. Her plastic Surgeon was Dr Stretch! My 6th grade teacher had a son who was a vet and his name was Mr Wolf, his assistant was named Miss Chicken! Penny’s dentist is called something crazy as well, not as blatatn as Dr Drill but pretty close, I don’t remember that one, but Paula had a podiatrist named Dr Strutter.

On the way down to the uni bar we stopped in the bookshop so they could see if next semester’s French stuff was in yet. I bought the book I’ve wanted for a while, Julie & Julia. I started reading it on the train. I love it! It’s just the kind of thing I like. She has PCOS as well (I might not have it but I know someone who does) so that will be interesting to read about.

I nearly made it through my last three classes. The second last class was my gen-ed tutorial. She thought I had handed in two essays and gotten two distinctions but I’d only handed in one and I have one yet to write and I told her! I’m honest and I’m glad I said something but there’s still that feeling of “Doh, I could’ve gotten out of that second essay.” Unfortunatley I fell asleep in the last lecture. You can tell when you’ve really fallen asleep when you were writing a word and it trails off into a squiggle. I also fell asleep on the train home, which granted is not an unusual thing, what was unusual was that I woke up when we were already stopped at Hornsby. I woke with a little bit of a start when I realised and the lady next to me smiled. She seemed very nice.

When I got home the security lights were still out. They did electrical work on our block on Friday and they musn’t have turned the automatic lights back on. It’s a little scary. I called the Real Estate agent who told me that I can call the strata manager but he wasn’t there and you can’t leave a message. When I walked in the door I was welcomed by four bags of garbage and I was instantly frustrated at hubby for not taking them out (he was probably annoyed at me for not doing it!). So I took them out. A short time later when I went into the kitchen to make tea I realised he did the dishes, so that is better than taking out the garbage I think. :)

I’ve found this site that seems to have done excellent dropdown menus using CSS so I’m going to try to put them in my sidebar and then I might go to bed! I might take tomorrow off. I don’t think I’ll survive eight hours of uni tomorrow and if I can I might not be able to survive the rest of the week.