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I’ve been tagged by EmilyRoseJewel so of course I will grace her request.

Six weird things about me:

1. This morning I dreamt that I was asleep in the house that I grew up in and terrible things were happening. Then I woke up from the dream within a dream (i.e. still dreaming) to find that one of these terrible things, a light fitting being filled with wasps and flying ants, was partly true because a big wasp had jammed its stinger into my thumb and the wasp was still attched. I was screaming so much that I was sent to an institution. Then we became sliders and the crazy people and I ended up on a world where you had to be 27 to drink alcohol, but a nice man gave me a beer anyway. Then it turned out to be our world and the institution ladies came and got us. We were walking home because the bus tipped over, another girl and I wandered into a photographer’s studio. I think I made quite an impression on the photographer and if I’d stayed asleep he would have come to rescue me from the institution.
2. Sometimes I eat kiwifruits with the skin on.

3. I got married at 18 years of age. To me this isn’t weird, but people freak out when they find out I’m married and how old I am so it must be weird to them.

4. My favourite subject at school was Visual Arts, I loved it. Now I’m doing Molecular Biology at uni.

5. One of my nicknames at school was Confident Kristen. These days I have developed such a fear of failing complex that all my confidence has been taken over by worry.

6. I used to love breakfast but I haven’t eaten it for at least two weeks.

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    I think dreams are so weird! I do have the weirdest ones sometimes. Kiwi with skin on, I think that is the first time I have heard someone say that. Thanks for participating! Have a nice day!