Spam spam spam

Wow! Just before I moved from Blogger to here I recieved one spam comment. I left it up for novelty sake and took measures to not get anymore. Recently, over the last few days I’ve gotten 12 of these comments, which look like regular comments but they say things like “I wonder if you’re right.” “You’re so right.” “Great read, thanks.” The funny thing is they are on a Thursday Thirteen titled “Thirteen things I like”. Of course I’m right, it’s a list of stuff that I like, not a philosophical statement. The spam part of them is that the authors link to porn sites. I don’t want my readers to link to porn through here! Leave me alone!

Heh, as if they are listening. This post will probably attract more spam. Oh well, I have comment moderation on now so you get approved once and then you’re legit from then on.


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    Surely better to switch on word verification… Spam comments should be eradicated.

    I bid for your blog because it was cheap, but I have to say it’s also a very nice blog! Belated happy Easter to you.

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    Yes, one would think so but I don’t think I have word verification on WordPress. I believe I’d have to download a plugin. That’s not too much trouble but for now it’s not alot of trouble to moderate. If I get to many I’ll have to do something more.