I was just ready Lady Shamisen‘s Thursday Thirteen, it reminded me of an episode I had when I was younger. I used to be a very active sleeper. I often found myself completely turned around in my bed with my feetat the pillow end. Sometimes I would fall out of bed and stay asleep.
plush witchOn this occassion I was having a nightmare about witches1. Iwoke up to find myself turned around and on the floor. I looked up and towering over me was a witch with glowing red eyes and black clothing. I was afraid but I scrambled on hands and knees through her legs (since I was already lying down) and ran down the hallway. This witch was in everyroom I passed on the way to my parent’s room. She was in the laundry, she was in my brother’s room – I was too afraid to go in and rescue him, she was in the kitchen and the lounge room. She wasn’t in my parent’s room and they let me sleep there for the rest of the night.

Weird huh?

1 No offense intended to those who practice withcraft, not that I think you should, but I do realise that there are many nice, non-warty people who call themselves witches.