Getting sicker…

I thought I was going to get past this cold that hubby gave me with just a runny nose and a couple of dizzy spells. Alas, the tell-tale sore throat has been coming on since about midday. I’m just waiting for my peppermint tea to cool down a bit… it’s going to be good! I just hope I get away with a sore throat and not much more now because I can’t afford to be stuck in bed for two weeks like I was in the middle of last semester.

I’m actually going to cook a proper meal tonight! I haven’t done that for a while because we’ve been sick or I’ve been tired or we’ve been out late. I forgot to take out the mince beef to defrost this morning but I asked hubby to take it out before he left and I popped it in the microwave to defrost. It defrosted really nicely, none of it cooked and nearly all of it is defrosted, it will all be defrosted by the time I start cooking. I must take some credit for the beautiful defrosting as I did have to break it up and I did take out some of the defrosted bits from the rest. We’re having pasta bolognese – I don’t actually want to cook spaghetti, nor do I really want to eat it so we a going to have the short curly pasta instead. Plus it makes it seem less like bolognese and more like pasta with meat which is good because I don’t have any red wine to go in the sauce.

I’m still scouting this CD for French. I was going to try to get the school of French to lend it to me so I could bring it home and rip it but they make it quite difficult for you to take it away from the listening lab because of its copyright. So I suppose I really should buy it.

This is a photo my hubby took on our honeymoon. It’s the view from the restaurant at the resort on Copacabana Island in Fiji.

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    I am so jealous! I want to go to Fiji BADLY! :) It’s closer to you in Sydney than me here in Virginia. :) I just got back from Sydney, and figured if I was on a flight that long, it’d be easy to take a flight break in Fiji, but the money was too much of an issue. ha.

    Also, hope you’re feeling better.