We have a cool card game called Set. You can play the game by yourself or with others. The standard rules are to simply find as many sets in a 4×3 layout of cards as you can. They are not just ordinary playing cards; they are cards that have either one, two or three of a certain shape in a certain colour with some kind of shading. To make a set you must find three cards that are all the same or all different; that is that they have to be all ones, or all twos, all threes or one of each, same applies to colour and shading. You can have a set in which number is the same but colour is different.

This may not make sense by just reading it but I found last time I played that there was a little card in the box promoting a website where you can go and play a daily puzzle. Below is a screenshot of the current puzzle. See if you can find the six sets.

Heh, sometimes people call the game “Sets” and when you say that you’ve been playing sets people give you odd looks.