Kristen is an Automattician!


This month I officially joined the ranks of Automattic! For those in the know, I am a Happiness Engineer on the Store team. For everyone else, I do support for, mainly for Business plan customers. I love my new job. Helping people with their websites is what made my blog popular, it’s how my […]

Automattic totally just acquired Woo

Automattic and WooCommerce

WooThemes has been acquired by Automattic! There’s not too much I want to say about this apart from: exciting! The focus is going to be more on WooCommerce than the themes side, at first at least. I hope WooCommerce will be in sooner rather than later. That would be sweet! And since the whole network is […]

Tea tasting today

blue tea cup with red saucer and red milk jug

I decided that today would be a good day to try a few tea samples I’ve received! Strawberry Bliss Chai From T2. Green tea, ginger, cardamom seed & husk, clove, pepper, chilli, strawberry pieces & flavour This was unlike any tea I have tried. I kept wanting to think it was zesty, but it really wasn’t […]