Craft Icons: Free Download

Craft Icons sample

I recently wanted to make a Keep Calm and Crochet On poster. I know the whole Keep Calm thing is a bit over, but that's just how I was feeling that day.I was rather disappointed at the complete lack of craft-related icons in both the Keep Calm iPhone apps and what I could find on the internet in general. There are some cute ones on stock sites … [Read more...]

SEO for beginners

SEO for beginners

I recently did a talk at the North Sydney WordPress Meetup about Search Engine Optimization for beginners and best practices in WordPress.It was the longest talk I've done because there's so much to cover, and you could really talk for weeks about SEO, but I tried to stick to beginner skills. You can see my slides below; I hope they make some … [Read more...]

App integration on iOS


I just discovered that app integration and sharing on iOS is so much better than it used to be!I might be way behind the times on this... I knew that photo apps integrate across the OS in some ways: lots of photo editing apps have "Open in..." Twitter, Facebook, Instagram options, but I just discovered that you can add all kinds of app buttons … [Read more...]